Monday, December 27, 2004

Yuck. Tidal Wave.

The earthquake-induced tragedy is so terrifying. When I was younger, my dad used to spoonfeed me oatmeal and I would only eat it if he made a 'tidal wave' first. Actually, there were many steps involved in getting me to eat -- first my parents had to sing a very important song:
"Oh, the thumb goes out
And the food goes in!
The food goes in!
The food goes in!
The thumb goes out and the food goes in --
Into Becky's tummy."

It worked, I guess, because I grew up and shit, so I must've removed the thumb at key intervals. Yes, I was a thumb-sucker. A fierce oral fixation, even then.

My dad wrote lots of little songs that he used to sing to us. I was 15 before I learned that George Gershwin did not write these words to Rhapsody in Blue:
"Your nose it sits right up there on your face, face, face"

Anyhoo, back to the tidal waves. So I ate lots of tidal-wave altered oatmeal, and I kind of became mildly obsessed with tidal waves. And now, after this real one, I'm just sad.

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