Sunday, December 12, 2004

Insominack-ack-ack-ally Derived "Best Of" Lists

Fuckaduck, I can't sleep, and instead of using this time to write additional campaigns for Black History Month (don't ask), I'd like to be the nine-millionth person to offer some Best Of lists for 2004. All apologies to Merlin Mann and his 5ives (which are so fucking brilliant),, but I'm going to hit you with Top 5vers rather than Top 10ers because I get really obsessive about these things and trying to arrange 10 items in order of preference might kill me.

5 Fave Albums Released in 04:
5. American Idiot - Green Day
4. Together We're Heavy - Polyphonic Spree
3. Seven Swans - Sufjan Stevens
2. Soft Commands - Ken Stringfellow
1. Skittish/Rockity Roll (re-release) - Mike Doughty

5 Fave Older Songs With Which I Fell in Love in 04
5. Wig in a Box - Hedwig and the Angry Inch
4. The Only Answer - Mike Doughty
3. The Shining - Badly Drawn Boy
2. Glycerine - Bush
1. Little Red Corvette - Prince

3 Fave Top 40 Songs of 2004 I Unabashedly Like
3. Don't Stop - Janet Jackson
2. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
1. Everytime - Britney Spears

5 Fave Moments of Superfun Awesomeness of 04
5. Polyphonic Spree show with Josh at Angel Orensanz
4. The "Peach Pit" I Love the 90s promo shoot
3. Matt and Kristin's wedding
2. Giving out anti-Bush pins with Josh on the Upper West Side
1. Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge blasting "We Built This City"

5 Fave Movies I Actually Watched in 04
5. The Manchurian Candidate (the real one, not the remake)
4. Team America World Police / Triplets of Belleville (tie)
3. Dirty Dancing (again)
2. 13 Going on 30 (for reals, would you all please just see this movie? and shut up with that "i liked this movie when it was about boys and it was called 'big,'" okay?)
1. Garden State / Eternal Sunshine (tie)

3 Fave In-flight Movies I Actually Watched in 04
3. Mean Girls - San Francisco to JFK
2. Love, Actually - Long Beach to JFK
1. The Sound of Music - San Diego to JFK

5 Fave Boys on Whom I Had Mega-Crushes, Identified Only by the 2nd to Last Letter of Their Last Names to Protect the Innocent (in 04)
5. "W"
4. "M"
3. "O"
2. "A"
1. "T"

5 Fave Purchases of 04
5. Luxurious new bedding
4. Switching to Verizon / Camera phone
3. professional flatiron (shout out -- it's the sapphire ceramic iron and it kicks ass)
2. swanky flat-screen computer monitor
1. ipod

5 Food Trends that Stuck Around Awhile at Chez Bex and Noah
5. Tofu pups
4. Soy ham
3. Famous Amos' coconut oatmeal cookies
2. Hot apple cider with whisky
1. Lowfat microwave kettle corn

5 Fave Possibly-regrettable-but-at-the-time-it-was-super-rad Moments of 05
5. Actually considering going to Spain
4. Skinnydipping at Soho House
3. Smoking that joint outside the MTVN Xmas party
2. That extra glass of champagne at the REM concert
1. Sending that rose to that boy in San Francisco

5 Most-Commonly-Thought Thoughts of 2004
5. I wanna move to LA
4. If I lost 10 pounds, people would think I was pretty
3. Am I a G-list celeb, or am I maybe F minus?
2. My feet hurt
1. How the fuck did George Bush win that election?

5 Things That I Didn't Get to Do in 04
5. Sleep with any of the afore-mentioned crushes
4. Learn how to ice skate
3. Go apple-picking
2. See the Northern Lights
1. Drink a blue margarita on a beach in Mexico

5 Things I Did in 04 That I Didn't Think I Could Do
5. Abstaining from making out with an inappropriate person
4. Driving
3. Admitting that I have issues
2. Throwing out all my childhood belongings
1. Ending evenings before utter inebriation sets in

... and just think! The year ain't even over yet! WOOHOO!

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Too many Lost Nights... said...

Not sure if you've tried it, but a great compliment to the hot apple cider and Whiskey is hot apple cider and cinnamon schnaaps. That is great for cold winter nights...

Also from an apple picking standpoint, one of my fav things to do is drive out of town here and go into the orchards in the evening and be all sneaky, swipe apples and hazelnuts. It is just a fun adventure, and makes me think I am still some kind of stupid kid (although I'm nowhere near the age when that is appropriate).