Saturday, December 11, 2004

Holy Awesome of Awesomeness

I heart hanging with people with whom I went college. We riff at the same rate. So I met up with my boys at Pete's Candy Store where we watched our boy Tim Howard rock it. I love this new wave of indie music -- boys + guitars. As a big fat unabashed folk music fan, I love singer+guitar so much. And now it's apparently awesome to be what we used to call a 'folksinger' but now we call it 'indie rock.' Thank you, Jesus. More more more! Tim was wonderful and a fantabulous time was had by all.

If you grok this pop culture reference, please hang out with me:
Nay nay chickabee!
Nell for Congress!

So, Josh and I are not mean by nature. But together, we have nuclear-level powers of snark and 'tude. Here's the worst, meanest burn ever:
Let's say a boy is hitting on a girl and she's uncomfortable with it. The overwhelming flirtation ensues.
Girl says: Hey, you wanna get out of here?
Boy: What?
Girl: You wanna get out of here?
Boy: Great. Where should we go?
Girl: No, I mean you should really get out of here.
Boy: Zug?
Girl: You. Should. Get. Out of here.
Boy: Zug?
Girl: Without me. Not the collective 'we,' just you. You wanna get out of here?
Boy: Yeah.
Girl: Go then.


An observation: nobody doesn't heart the Shins. Especially "New Slang," regardless of whether one has or has not seen "Garden State" (note: the Zach Braff/Natty Portman courtship??? BRING IT THE FUCK ON, MOFES!)

I would like to point out that I spent the evening carrying around my Duck umbrella. He quacks (in my head). I bought Duckie because Dr. Snuggles used to have one. Awesome. Parr was quite un-nerved by my Duck.

An observation: When "God Only Knows" comes on in a bar, everyone gets hard. Like boing boing, chkaa (nipple nipple, clitoris). A promo: "God Only Knows" comes on in a bar and everyone pauses, mid-sip. Then, en masse, all the boys get up, covering their visible erections with schoolbooks, and they all walk to the bathroom in sync.
And emerge looking visibly relieved.

An observation: How to fuck with someone who's trying to pick you up at a bar. At the end of the night, that person says, "So... what are you doing?"
And you go, "I have a great job, I'm working on a screenplay and I was thinking seriously about taking you home and handcuffing you to my bed and having my way with you." And they go, "Zug?" And then you go, "So, you wanna get out of here?"

On a similar note, we think this exchange would be fun:
Girl: So, what you doing tomorrow night?
Boy: I'm not sure yet.
Girl: I hope it's me.


So, two people with whom I went to high school (who still know me as "Becky") were at the bar with me. And they were SO COOL in high school. I so wanted to run up to them and say, "I know cool doesn't matter anymore and we're all in the same bar, BUT LOOK! I AM COOL NOW!" I think it would make a great short. Extrapolate based on my two-sentence pitch. Awesome, right?

Another observation: the most fun thing in the world EVER is to sing the Alphabet song to any pop song. So many internal rhymes! Whoever wrote that Alphabet song is a genius. We had complex background call-and-response sections going on. Hot cha cha.

Y'okay, missuh chickabee?


IMO, Xian said...

Holy fucking shit. I couldn't sleep and I was doing my livejournal thing when I stumbled onto your profile, and I was stricken. It's not often that a beautiful girl professes a true love of the written word. After reading your comment about grammatical snobery, I decided to check out the blog, and was again shocked. Zug?
I can only imagine that the great and mysterious East is so completely foreign to me that simply just not hip to the new vernacular, slang, lingo, jive, whateva. The only cultural similarities I gleamed from this single sample is our people's exposure to the independant music scene, and I wonder what the sound is like on the atlantic side.
Anyway, I totally dig. Especially the 'I'm cool now!' part, only with more of a 'what I am has become cool whereas your cool has not grown with the times, or proportionately with your age' twist. The great thing about escaping the suburbs is that the people you knew don't, and when you see them again, you see just how whitebread you were.
sleep deprivation causes random acts of correspondence. Disregard this message

Anonymous said...

weird, i was talking to my sister last night when all of the sudden i busted out in "tay in da way". hated that movie nell, but tay in da way cracks me up every time. rock on chickabee.

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