Friday, August 26, 2011

Wait. So EVERYONE is Looking for Joey Cramer?

Longtime readers know that this blog was once very dedicated to finding Joey Cramer, the child actor who was the star of Flight of the Navigator.

We sent out a message to the universe to try to find him.

And then we found him, working in a sporting goods store in Canada.

Tonight, an anonymous tipster commented "Everyone is looking for Joey" and offered this link:

That link leads you to this article and this photo:
Sunshine Coast RCMP are requesting assistance from the public in the capture of Deleriyes Cramer wanted for seven warrants out of the Lower Mainland. According to Cpl. Steve Chubey, Cramer is alleged to have committed several cheque and fraud related crimes in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, and RCMP believe he has ties to the Sunshine Coast. Chubey said Cramer is suspected of altering the name and/or the amount of cheques before cashing them at local financial institutions. He also has been known to use several aliases including Joe August Cramer, Joe August Deleriyes, Joe August Leighland, and Joe August Deleriyes Cramer. He is 38-years-old, 6’3” (183 cm), 179 pounds (81 kg) with brown hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information to his whereabouts are asked to contact RCMP at 604-885-2266 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). — Submitted
Accompanying photo:

This is not our Joey Cramer, is it?

This was the compare and contrast we did when we located our erstwhile Navigator in the sporting goods store:

These are not all the same people, are they?

This page goes into detail about various suspects the Royal Mounties are tracking. It says "

"CRAMER, Deleriyes Joe August Born: Aug. 23, 1973 Wanted in connection with File #2011-9051 Wanted for fraud."

When was our friend Joey Cramer born? Let's ask wiki. OH fuck. Wiki is not the most reputable site, because it cites this blog as a source. But it says that Joey Cramer, of Flight of the Navigator, was born on August 23, 1973.

Let's cross reference it with IMDB.

Oh, fuck.

If these facts all correct, then our beloved Joey Cramer now goes by Deleriyes Cramer and he has done some bad things and he is in trouble!

Joey Cramer, or Joe August Cramer, Joe August Deleriyes, Joe August Leighland, and Joe August Deleriyes Cramer -- whatever you're going by right now --

I am sorry if you've fallen onto some hard times. We still love you. Let the starcharts in your head be your guide.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Happiest Face on the Subway

High Street station, Brooklyn.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bex Schwartz, Minister at Large

The ULC wrote a lovely thing about my participation (not just as an organizer) but as a minister during the Pop Up Chapel. Awwwww.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh, Tree

There was a tree behind my apartment. I liked to look at it and mark the changing seasons. It was nice to see some green outside of my bedroom window. And then I re-read “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” and I felt even more connected to that tree. My cat liked to watch the birds who lived in its branches and sometimes he would get excited and make hunting noises and click at the birds. This morning I awoke to a man inside that tree, lopping off branches with a chainsaw. We made eye contact as I hurried to pull down the the shade. And now that tree is gone. Why did you cut down my tree, whoever owns the land behind my apartment? I liked that tree a whole lot. It was a lovely maple tree and it was pleasant to lie on my fire escape and read a magazine and watch the sun streaking through its leaves. What did you have against that tree, land owner? Now the people who live behind me have a direct view into my bedroom window. And now there is no tree. The cat and I are both pretty sadtimes about this development. I miss you already, tree.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dropping Some Science on Your Butt

Did you know? Benadryl (or the generic) and Nytol (or the generic) are the EXACT SAME THING?

They are both Diphenhydramine — typically 25 mg, in the case of Benadryl or Nytol.

Diphenhydramine is the thing in Tylenol PM that makes you sleepy. If you want to take just the sleepy-stuff without the acetominophen, then you take Simply Sleep or Nytol or Unisom or whatever.

When you have itchy eyes or hay fever or you’re sniffy because you stuck your face in a cat, then you take Benadryl. And it usually makes you feel sleepy. BECAUSE IT IS THE EXACT SAME THING AS THE SHIT YOU TAKE TO GO TO SLEEP.

So if you are sleepy, you could actually just take Benadryl. And if you are itchy, you could actually just take Simply Sleep. Because they are THE SAME.

And here is one more exciting bit of science — Diphenhydramine is ALSO Dramamine:
“The effects of dimenhydrinate are very similar to those of diphenhydramine. The main differences are a lower potency, and a longer latency. 50 mg dimenhydrinate contains 27.2 mg of diphenhydramine, so it is less potent at equal doses. Also, dimenhydrinate must dissociate into diphenhydramine and its counterion in the body before it is active, so it produces effects more slowly than diphenhydramine. The drug typically takes a minimum of 4 hours to fully take effect.”
See? Dramamine is is Dymenhydrinate which turns into dyphenhydramine so it makes you less sleepy but still has that sedative effect, which is why your mom gave you so much Dramamine on car trips and airplane rides so you’d just pass out instead of crying and humiliating her in front of all the other nice passengers flying to Florida to see their grandparents.

Maybe you already know this? I just learned this on Saturday night when a good friend of mine BLEW MY MIND by revealing that Benadryl is Simply Sleep. I wanted to share.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Tickling my new best friend, Blimp.


When you are being a blimp pilot, it is important to study your maps so you can plot your way to your office building and say hi to all your work friends.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Pop Up Chapel Love from Logo!

Love you, Logo!

A supercute video of Pop Up Chapel

Awwwwww. Those with eagle eyes will spot several of your favorite tumblr-ers in the background.

PS I can't believe none of you told me those mic packs were affixed to my bra. HOT.

Mazel Tov to John and Jay

I am not going to work today so I can do all the other things I haven't done for the last month. This photo is making me happy.

photo from L Magazine