Friday, September 28, 2007

Sister Act tonight on AMC!

You guys. I've been shooting the best project ever this week and I feel like I've been hit by a bus. BUT! Let me share that tonight I am hosting AMC's Date Night's presentation of Sister Act on AMC at 8/7c. You should watch, mostly because Sister Act is awesome, but also because I'm hosting it and faux-speed-dating a bunch of dudes.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Haiku-Blogging the Emmys -- Upon Viewing the cast of Roots take the Stage 30 Years After Its Premiere

Oh! Levar Burton!
I tend to forget his eyes.
Levar DOES have eyes.

In Case You Missed It

If anyone knows how to hack streaming video and wants to (ahem ahem) put this shizz on the youtubes, be my guest. But perhaps you missed my appearance this week on the Abrams Report on MSNBC! I mean, for reals, what else were you doing on Monday night? Watching "Mission: Man Band?" If you were watching Man Band, that's forgivable. Any other excuse is l-to-izzame.

Look, here's me and Dr. Drew Pinsky talking about Britney: (click here)

And here's me and supercute Dan Abrams talking about Kid Rock and Tommy Lee (I'm at the end of the segment). Yes, I said "man sausage" on teevee, much to my mother's embarassment and chagrin. (click here)

Watch, rinse, repeat!

Party on Fountain

This is a really inside blog post, so if you didn't go to Wesleyan, you won't care.

But, to my fellow Wes alumni -- THIS SONG IS SO GREAT THAT WE DON'T EVEN DESERVE IT.
(right-click save-as).

It's called "Party on Fountain" and my sources tell me it's the masterwork of "New Teen
Force" members (Molly Gaebe '07, Mary Campion '07, Pat Wolf '07, Kate Heller '09 and Ted Feldman '09).

I don't know what New Teen Force is, because it didn't exist when I was there. Neither did "Zelnick," which is what they call that weird glass bus station that connects the '92 theater to the chapel and is generally a blight on the view from Foss Hill.

But it's lovely to note that parties at Eclectic still elicit the same response and there's still lots of random making out. Go wes!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm on MSNBC Tonight (September 10th)

Yo yo, tigers. I'm on MSNBC tonight, rocking the Abrams report with my thoughts about BritBrit and the Tommy Lee/ Kid Rock scuffle on the VMAs. The segment about Britney is with Dr. Drew (hearts!!!). I'm doing two segments in a row, so set your timeshifting device now! The show starts at 9 but I'll probably hit around 9:40.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Haiku Unto Jennifer Garner's Confused Announcement that the Best New Group is "Gym Class Fallout"

Jennifer, I grok.
To me, gym class was toxic.
A simple mistake!

A Haiku Unto Learning from Shia Laboeuf that the new Indiana Jones movie is "Indiana Jones And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

A kingdom like that
Sounds, truly, rather pleasant.
Sparkly skull? Pretty!

A Haiku Unto the Performances at the 2007 Video Music Awards on MTV

It's just refreshing
That you can lip-sync, no prob.
Why pretend it's real?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My First Haiku Unto the New Fall Season

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style
Is just "Queer Eye" for the girls.
Buy me clothes, Tim Gunn!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Even if You Don't Watch Big Brother 8 ...

... I certainly hope that the Beckettesque repetition of the bizarre, along with the absurdity of the cereal-flinging, coupled with the near-insane laughter of an unseen onlooker will make you chuckle as much as I did.

It's like "The Bald Soprano" of reality television. Loves it.

I Maded This

I have stories to tell and anecdotes to share but I am SUCH the busy-busy-bee right now. Until laters, gators: look I maded a cheezburger.