Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It is true that I can no longer get through the day without watching this.




Great Scott. The backstory to Prisencolinensinainciusol is far greater than I ever imagined.
"Prisencolinensinainciusol" is a song composed by Adriano Celentano, and performed by Celentano and his wife, singer/actress-turned-record producer Claudia Mori. It was first released as a single on November 3, 1972, and later on his album Nostalrock. The lyrics are pure gibberish, often described as sounding like American English as heard by a non–English-speaker.
In an interview, Celentano explains that the song is about "incommunicability" because in modern times people are not able to communicate to each other anymore. He added the only word we need is prisencolinensinainciusol, which is supposed to stand for "universal love."
Celentano's rationale for the song was that, after releasing albums about ecology and social issues, "having just recorded an album of songs that meant something, I wanted to do something that meant nothing"

In modern times people are not able to communicate to each other anymore. Holy fucking shit, prisencolinensinainciusol. 

Also, can I get a what what for the fact that Celentano is also a vegetarian JUST LIKE ME?

Friday, March 26, 2010

... in which I Irrationally Want to Hurt a Character in a Commercial

This horrible horrible dreadful "don't talk to me until i've had my coffee" spot (for mcdonald's coffee! who is drinking mcdonald's coffee? No one who reads this blog, I can pretty much guarantee that) airs on VH1 all the time which means it is on the tv in my office every single day, drilling its way into my brain. And I have to say: I hate this character and also the actor who portrays him which such seething fury that if I ever encounter him in real life I will probably go all stabbytown on him.

Sux to Be You!

My dad has to spend 3 weeks a month in Sioux City. Did you know the airport code for Sioux City is SUX? They have a lot of gear about the SUX thing. This might be my favorite. It is horribly awfully wonderful.

edited to add: this one is also pretty horrible/fantastic.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Passover

This is what it says on the youtube thing:

Sometimes you have the world's worst sinus infection and you are going CRAZY with the pain and it hurts so much and you are taking all sorts of medicines and then at night when you try to go to sleep, this starts happening in your brain and also: happy passover.
And, honestly, I'm not like, totally insane, it's just that this sort of thing has been happening in my head because it hurts so much so I decided to exorcise the demon, so to speak, by just making the damn thing. Also, did I mention that I have the world's worst sinus infection? So i am stuffy. And in SO MUCH PAIN. I wish I could drill two holes, one under each eye, and put little buckets there like they do in Vermont to collect the maple syrup. Anyway. It's my Happy Passover card to you! Happy Passover.

I Love This So Much

This is the only thing getting me through the day. I am about to leave the office and go see my sinus specialist. She wears patterned tights. Last time I saw her, she raped my nose. She brought out this 3 foot snake thing and said she was going to put "just the tip" in my nose, and instead she totally raped my face. RAPED IN THE FACE. With an endoscope. Not really rape. Shut up, I am in so much pain. But you should watch this. It is joyous.

But -- this. THIS. This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

via @JohnRoderick (thanks, Jrod!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Chat Roulette Win!

Chat Roulette Win! This live piano-improv-song-as-commentary-whilst-chat-rouletting makes me happy like Jonathan Coulton's song about Flickr makes me laugh or like Stuckey and Murray's "Dramatic Song at the End of the TV Show" song makes me laugh. Also, I took some serious pain killers because I frakked up my back so maybe everything is just more funny than usual. And then I was walking back to my office from my mix and a pigeon flew into my hair and now I probably have bubonic plague.

Note: Chat Roulette Win because I only tried to Chat Roulette once and Lindsay and I put on costumes and then my camera on my laptop didn't work and it was so sad and was decidedly a Chat Roulette Fail... but if this guy Merton ever chat-roulette-sang to me, I would totally sing back.

oh! credit to @TheSquare!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The greatest thing in the world has happened. Somehow, overnight, someone, or someTHING, mysteriously decorated Scott’s cubicle with carefully chosen and artistically arranged photos of adorable, adorable kittens. They didn’t leave a note. They didn’t sign any of the photos or leave any sort of clue to indicate their intentions. All we know is a mysterious and anonymous person or smoke monster waited until everyone else left the office and then DECORATED SCOTT’S CUBICLE WITH ADORABLE KITTENS.
Is this a thing? Are people doing this around the office?
Because if it’s not officially a thing, can we make it a thing? When I first saw Scott’s cubicle I was like, “Dude, you got catted!”
I propose that we start catting people.

You can cat me next. I'm on the 21st floor.

Monday, March 08, 2010

... Which brings us to the theory of Continental Drift

In re: today's news that the earthquake in Chile moved the entire city of Concepcion ten feet to the west, perhaps one is thinking of Berkeley Breathed's prescience back in 1983 when he noted that the Earth sometimes quakes and shakes to realign America's political leanings. Here's hoping that quake in Turkey last night took us back to the left.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010

Fantasia for Real image spots on the other bloggy

I forgot to do it a million years ago before I went to Thailand, but I uploaded the Fantasia For Real image spots to the blog-about-things-that-i-direct.