Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Greek word Arktos, meaning “bear”, is the origin of the word Arctic. Antarctica means “no bears."

How did I never know this? Isn't this one of those awesomesauce facts they teach you in elementary school to convince you that learning is fun-damental? Thank the stars I felt compelled to check and see if the Central Park Zoo has polar bears -- it does. I am going to go visit them as soon as possible. Polar bears!

From their website:
Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus)

Zoo collection includes: Gus and Ida, both born in late 1985 at a facility in Buffalo, New York. They have been at the Central Park Zoo since it opened in August of 1988 and are two of its biggest stars.

Found in the wild: Along the coasts and inland streams and lakes of Alaska and Canada, Greenland, Norway and Siberia. The Greek word Arktos, meaning “bear”, is the origin of the Arctic name. Antarctica means “no bears”, so do not believe those commercials that feature a polar bear and a penguin together. It just isn’t true, they live on opposite ends of the earth.
The more you know! DING. Antarctica means NO BEARS. Honestly? Screw you, Antarctica. I love me some bears. I LOVE BEARS.


Gerasimos said...

Antarctica= From the Greek ant- (αντί) which mean against/opposite to something and Arctic.

Thus Antarctica means opposite to the Arctic not "no bears".

The Arctic definition is correct.

Anonymous said...

well the opposite of bears would be "no bears"