Monday, December 13, 2004

Ellen and Portia, sittin' in a tree

First of all, I would like to offer my most sincere condolences to Francesca Gregorini and Alexandra Hedison. These two lovely ladies have been jilted by their former lovers, Portia di Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres (respectively). Now, despite the fact that I can occasionally be seen on tv talking about celebrities' private lives, I normally don't really care at all. BUT. According to our sources at the New York Post, Ellen and Portia got together at the Big in 04 Awards, where I was working. The Post says:
DeGeneres, 46, and de Rossi, 31, first met nine months ago on a photo shoot, we're told. They fell "instantly in love," de Rossi gushed to pals at the time. But DeGeneres remained loyal to Hedison, whom she often credited with "saving her life" at a time of crisis. However, when DeGeneres and de Rossi met up again at VH1's "Big in '04" awards gala in L.A. on Dec. 1, events took their natural course.

Their respective girlfriends were absent, and this time there was no stopping the lusty ladies. They managed to find a private spot and "things got so hot and heavy between them that they raced to a limo and fooled around for hours," our source reports.

First of all, I can't believe I didn't see them getting hot and heavy. Second of all, Portia Di Rossi is one of those dreaded Orange People (the ones who invaded Hollywood a few years ago). I was standing next to her and I thought she was Drea de Matteo, THAT's how orange she was. Like Ooompa Loompa orange. Third of all, did any of you read that profile on Ellen and Alexandra a few months ago in the times or something like that? They were sooooo in love. I'm shocked. SHOCKED. Shocked that Ellen left her lover for an Orange Person, even if that Orange Person has really great hair and is on Arrested Development.

Anyway. This story is blog-worthy only because I saw both parties in the bathroom at the Shrine, even if I didn't see them making out. Damn.

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