Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Who's in today's NY POST? ME, mofes!

heeby bex, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

Hot cha cha! Pick up your nearest copy of the NY Post! Turn past the gossip and past the right-leaning articles about Bush and ROCK PAGE 56, MOTHERFUCKERS! It's a piece called "Let There Be Latkes" and it's all about things to do for Hanukah (which starts tonight -- hag sameach to my jew peeps). And there's a ginormous picture of me!!!! The incredibly rad Josh Neuman hipped me yesterday; he said, "Check out the post for a little Hanukah present." So I picked up the paper on the way to the subway and then flipped out when I got to the article.

Happy Hanukah, indeed!

Hooray, hooray! I don't think I'll be lighting any candles tonight because I'm hanging out with my old pal Todd, who's brand new cd comes out TODAY! Todd is brilliantly funny, and his new record is called "Falling Off the Bone" and I guarantee it's super-rad, so buy it post-haste.

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