Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Oh, Detective Briscoe, We Barely Knew Ye

I am sad to report that Jerry Orbach has passed away. He was the bestest fake NY detective of all time -- compassionate enough to care about the victims yet hardened and cynical enough to crack wise. I only started watching Law and Order because Jerry Orbach was on it, and I've hearted Jerry Orbach ever since I first saw Dirty Dancing a million years ago. No one else could've instilled Jake Houseman with such compassion and cynicism.

Oh, Jerry Orbach. You cornered the market on compassion and cynicism.

I'd like to think that Jerry Orbach and Susan Sontag are drinking tea together somewhere in that great big Starbucks in the sky.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget, he was one of musical theatre's greatest leading men, having introduced "Try to Remember" in the original production of The Fantasticks, and creating leading roles in Carnival, Promises Promises, Chicago and 42nd Street, and starring in revivals of Guys and Dolls and Annie Get Your Gun.

He has given more performances on Broadway than any other actor in history. The lights of Broadway will be dimmed in his honor tonight.