Monday, December 20, 2004

Happy Solstice!

Don't forget -- solstice is at 7:42am on Tuesday morning. That means tonight is the longest night of the year, so those of you with special somebunnies ought to use that extra time wisely, wink wink nudge nudge. Me? I am special somebunny-less -- as I was explaining to someone earlier, I have both an imaginary boyfriend and a love affair with soup, and those take about just about all of my free time.

It's 7:17pm (almost 12 hours pre-solstice!) and I am still at work. Why? Because I am making George-Bush-the-1st vomit. Actually, in my footage, you can see him vomit but we embellished the Presidential booting by turning it lime green, and now I'm in audio faking the sound of George Bush the 1st vomitting into the lap of the Japanese prime minister (or whoever it was). Isn't my job awesome? I've always wanted to say, "I spent the night making George Bush vomit," and now that's actually true.

In other news, keep your peeled to the Vee for some new holiday IDs. Perhaps you'll recognize the voices of the Holidayriffic cheerleaders - hint, hint, hint.


dimlightslittlecity said...

I was doing a search for writing by folks who dig some of the same music that I do, and then ended up spending about 40 minutes reading this incredibly entertaining blog. Loves it!

Ernest said...

So that just sounds like a good time. Spending a day making Bush puke. Although it makes me wonder, does your imaginary boyfriend know about your love affair with soup?

Unknown said...

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