Thursday, December 02, 2004

Super special moments and starfuckageitude

post big in 04 cameraphone, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

Camphone! Hotel bathroom! Exhausted!

So Schwohnson is kickin' it in LA attempting to cut a highlight spot for Big in 04, which taped last night. We saw a lot of famous and semi-famous people and had some very super special moments of our own:
* I said hi to Ellen Degeneres in the bathroom
* And then Sharon Stone walked in and I said, "You look gorgeous" and she said, "No, you look gorgeous!" and I said, "Not as gorgeous as you." She is hizzot.
* We said hi to Green Day
* I told Art Alexakis that I like his song "Volvo Driving Soccer Moms" and he said he liked my necklace
* We saw Paris Hilton fix her makeup
* Flav walked by and I said, "Flavor Flav!" and he said, "Baby Babe!" Awesome.
* This guy walked up to us and said, "any mishaps yet?" And Kelly said, "No, but Anna Nicole hasn't been on yet" and then the guy said, "Uh, I'm with Anna Nicole."
* Then Anna Nicole (who walks with the Thorazine shuffle) came by, supported by two enormous men who were holding her up, and she stood behind us watching our monitor. It was scary and disturbing and sad.
* We told Rupert from Survivor that his new look is smokin'
* Tommy Lee is very tall and it appears that he is sharing a lady with another rock type of guy because every time they walked by, they were both touching her.
* The blonde guy from GnR (Izzy? Duff?) dates a really tall skinny model who is straight out of central casting

Those were our highlight personal moments. The show was long. Green Day rocked.

I took this camphone photo when we got home to record the moment. i look as exhausted as i was feeling. today I spent 45 minutes stuck in traffic. I am re-thinking this desire to move here. But it's sunny. And we went to the California science center and looked at dead bodies that had been sliced open to show muscles and nerves and blood vessels and such. the penis is all blood vessels! and we ate astronaut ice cream. if i could live in a science museum, i would happily do so.

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