Sunday, December 26, 2004

But I Just Had to Laugh; I Saw The Photograph

I have returned! Home from the Hinterlands, where the 'rents built their first-ever fire in their brand-spannky-new fireplace. And then we went out to the "Best Country-Western Bar in the Northeast," aka The Colorado Cafe, where I strained my inner thigh muscles trying to ride a bull after Thanksgiving.

All the stuff I rescued from the rents' house before they moved (my childhood in a box! much like a wig in a box!) is in a corner of their newbasement. Today, I dug through the rubble and brought back lots and lots of old photos. Til now, I've had my most special-special cherished camp albums and high school prom albums, but today i brought back all the loose pictures. And scanning through 'em kind of just blew my mind

-- oh, here's the summer when I was freeing Tibet with all my heart! Here's a march! Here's a rally! Here's the boys of Soul Coughing signing autographs at HORDE
-- and here's the frosh year photos that didn't make it into the album -- we were all so young! and cubby!
-- and here's leftover pix from my first year as a camp counselor. I have yards and yards and yards of hippie hair
-- and here's me and matty doing our FIRST EVER performance art piece; Matt was in a suit and a ski mask, and I was wearing a mechanic's jumpsuit and grease monkey hat, and we stood in front of the campus center and passed out rad balloons on which we'd painted "FUCK ME," to mark the onset of Valentine's Day
-- and here's my eleventh birthday party when my mom's hairdresser came over to do our hair and makeup and we all looked like Married-to-the-Mob tartlet Adrianna's-in-training. And i'm wearing my favorite tee-shirt, which came from my dad's company and was totally flourescent yellow-like-a-highlighter. hizzot.

GUESS WHO IS THE LUCKIEST GIRL EVER. My roomie just got home an announced that his wonderful mother is making all of my wildest dreams come true. Yes. It's true and my hands tremor with the joy and the wonder. She's taking us to see the Radio City Christmas Show! So fill you heart with Christmas! Take someone that you know (that you love) and see the RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SHOW.

I am so happy I could do a little skippy dance. In fact, I'm now doing my happy skippy dance, which resembles the celebratory doody dance except it's a lot more joyous and more airy (as opposed to earthy). I am so excited that I am blowing off the drinks I was supposed to have with a third party, set up a 2nd party (a 2nd party I haven't spoken to in 4 years), SO BRING ON THE FUCKING ROCKETTES!

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jon said...

After we paid for our kids family camp summer we found it tough to recover! I totally agree with you!