Friday, October 28, 2005

Sucide Mistaken for Halloween Decoration

This is the nonstopfreakydeakyest story of the day. A woman in Delaware committed suicide by hanging herself from a tree, and her neighbors all assumed her corpse was a Halloween decoration.

Now, was this suicide foreplanned so as to freak out the kids in her neighborhood who would eventually go up for a closer look at what they thought was a really well-done yard decoration? Like: "I'll get those nasty kids, the ones who rip up my flowerbeds and egg my windows, once and for all! Bwa ha ha ha!"

Or was she so distraught and miserable and depressed that she simply had to take her own life, and she didn't even realize it was Halloween?

Or did she just not realize that Halloween-in-America means faux bodies hanging from trees?

(Note: if you bought this hanging body, could you get it to clap during the "Knights of the Round Table" number?)

Someone call CSI. This is TOTALLY next year's Halloween episode.

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The Paradox said...

I heard about this story on my local news today. Not only is it sad that she killed herself, but the way it all played out, THAT's a true Mindfuck right there.

Happy Halloween Everybody!