Friday, October 28, 2005

I Totally Thought I was Halluncinamating

Wow. So, last night, after spending the day whimpering and moaning because of my case of acute monster eye (it's much better today, thanks for asking, although I still look either hung- or dopedover. But I'm not. Just a sad, swollen-eyed allergy-sufferer)

Note: is a swollen-eyed girl the opposite of a sunken-eyed girl?. Rumor has it that a certain someone is going to rock my office later this afternoon. Woot!

... so last night, all of a sudden, my apartment smelled like maple syrup! Or, rather, more like the maple-syrup-esque odor of Waffle Crisp (note: this WHOLE WEBSITE is about breakfast cereal. Whoa.) Now, waffle crisp isn't a bad odor -- it's just an all-pervasively-mapleriffic scent. And everywhere I went -- my bedroom, the bathroom, the living room -- everywhere, it smelled like Waffle Crisp (except the kitchen, which always smells faintly of the kitty box). And I thought maybe it was me, and I sniffed myself, and even I smelled like Waffle Crisp.

So I thought I was surely hallucinating. I thought, gee, I'm taking some new allergy medications, and a gallon of eyedrops, and maybe the drugs+eyedrops+Bex combo smells like Waffle Crisp.

But, I was not hallucinating!!!!!

Lots of people smelled Waffle Crisp!

Dear me. An entire city smelled maple syrup, and I bet there are other people out there who thought they were the only ones experiencing Waffle Crisp flashbacks in their brains. But it was real!

Unless ... unless we were all undergoing a collective hallucination, like in So Long, And Thanks for All The Fish, when the destruction of Planet Earth is explained to the public (now living on a replacement Earth) as mass hallucinations:

``Come on, you remember all that stuff. The hallucinations. Everyone said it was a cock up, the CIA trying experiments into drug warfare or something. Some crackpot theory that instead of invading a country it would be much cheaper and more effective to make everyone think they'd been invaded.''

``What hallucinations were those exactly ...?'' said Arthur in a rather quiet voice.

``What do you mean, what hallucinations? I'm talking about all that stuff with the big yellow ships, everyone going crazy and saying we're going to die, and then pop, they vanished as the effect wore off. The CIA denied it which meant it must be true.''

Mass-maple-syrup-smelling as CIA coverup?

Oh boy! Crazy crackpot conspiracists -- get your guns!

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