Tuesday, October 18, 2005

CNN Writes the Headlines that Make the Whole World Snicker

They wrote it, not me: "Nut-cracking gorilla surprises scientists."

Snicker, snicker. Snort, snort.

Like she jumped out of a supply closet with a cock ring and a riding crop?

Chortle, chortle.

Also ... Hey, CNN: slow news day? If this is your fracking lead story????!!! Interobang!!!

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MrPervertedNerd said...

Hello Bex. Lord PlayboyMan here.
Since your a fan of Smut, I thought I'd share a little part of an Erotic story a friend of mine is writing. Here Goes:

......He plunges his cock into her ass, only for a moment - then removes it. A second later, He inserts it in again, then removes it. He carries on like this for a few minutes. Her moans signaling to him that she loves it. Again. Again. Again. Finally, after teasing her for so long, he shoves it into her ass, and starts pumping away. "Oh Yeah," She moans. "Just like that. That's it baby, fuck that asshole just like that". He's continues to pump hard into her. "Ohhhh, god yes ! Oh Fuck, Ohhhhh FUCK !"

He starts to grunt loudly. As he continues to fuck her lusty ass, the anal lube begins to trickle just a little bit. After fucking her white ass for what feels like forever, he stops, his cock fully inside her big, juicy ass. Then, without warning, he picks her up and carries her, his right hand holding her legs together, and his left arm going across her chest, his left hand firmly holding her right breast. Her large, beautiful, bouncy, REAL breast. He slowly starts to walk from the kitchen, into the living room, his cock still inside her ass. All she can do is go along for the ride. He stops at the sofa, and gently places her down onto it, leaving her in the doggy style position...........

Pretty Good, Don't you think ?