Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hand-Non-Eating Bear and Phantom Ms. Dick Tracy

Josh and I went to slay electronic elk, and on the way to a therapeutic session of Big Buck Hunter we passed a thrift store. This was the window display: apparently, it's a mannequin dressed as Ms. Dick Tracy meets the Phantom of the Opera, and a Bear. A bear who eats bodies but not hands. Please note the disembodied hand in the lower right quadrant of this photo. Why has this thrift shop chosen to display its wares in such a way? What is the story of this shopwindow? Who wants to write the winning caption in the comments section? Let 'er rip.

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Anonymous said...

Next week on "Amarillo del Amor de los Osos," Gabriella finally reveals the effects of her failed resconstructive surgery to Umberto. But can Umberto reveal he has jealously devoured all but the right hand of Ramon, Gabriella's half-brother, after catching them together at the Cortez's beachhouse? Old flames will come out of hibernation in the next installment of "Amarillo del Amor de los Osos."