Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Holy Shit ............ the Camera Toss!

Flickr: Photos tagged with cameratoss

This is how it works -- set your digicam for a long exposure and take a picture; while the photo is snapping, toss the digicam in the air. And you get magic!!

Here is camera-tossing the blog, and here's the scoop from the flickr group:
DEFINING A CAMERA TOSS (and some tips)

- Hands free. Your hands may not be on the camera during the majority of the exposure. Most often that means throwing it. Toss is about fluidity, not just jostling your camera about.
- Experimenting with timers and remote triggers highlly encouraged.

- Good catching skills or construction of camera crash nets/pads/bungees/shells highly suggested for high dollar cameras.

Oh man, just check the photostream.

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