Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mike Rocks the Mic

mikemic, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

Oh, such joy and rapture. We went to see my faveywaveyest rock star, Mike Doughty last night, and the show was kickawesome.

Now THAT's what I'm rockin' about.

We had superspecial vippy seats up in the balcony, where we got to watch both the show and also the audience rocking out (except for the imbeciles who insisted on chatting loudly throughout Mike's solo-sans-band numbers. Poop on them).

And, alas, there was no "Janine" and no "The Only Answer" but we were treated to nearly every track from Haughty Melodic and an awwwwesome "True Dreams of Wichita" (during which I tried to initiate the boo into the "you had it but you sold it" moment) and a Paradise City / The Gambler mashup of epic proportions, as well as an extended version of "Firetruck" all curled up into "It's Raining Men."

I heart Mike Doughty always 'n' forever.

Oh, man.

10 photos of Senor Doughty rocking Webster Hall, as taken by little ol' me, can be found right here.

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