Friday, October 07, 2005

My Gawker Stalking of James Denton is in Gawker, HUZZAH

Oh, the excitement. Not only did I see a Desperate Houseperson in a bar, but I gawker-stalked the spotting and it's in their round-up for the day.

Or you can just read it right here:
Thursday, 10/6 - we were at Scruffy Duffy's (not my choice! A going-away party for a colleague!), trying to drink away the pain of being in a sports bar surrounded by midtownies, and yet there, holding court right in the middle of the bar (so that everyone walking into the place had to walk right by him?) was none other than that handsome plumber dude from desperate housewives - James Denton. I only know his name because I watch ET at the gym and they're always interviewing him about whether his character is going to get it on with the anorexic formerly-Lois Lane lady. But he seemed very nice and was chatting with anyone who approached him. He put his hand on my back when I tried to squeeze through the crowd to make an escape from the Scruffy-ness and, I tell you, I felt a little tingly.

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