Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tikun Olam (or some other Hebrew phrase that surely must mean at least a little bit of what I intend it to mean)

... I'm going for a "full-circle" or "ourobouros" type of sensation here. My 2nd year at Camp Ramah (aka Jew Camp, to my longterm listeners), I had an awesome counselor named Esther (about whom I've written previously) who's totally stickin' it to the man as the voice of the NYC single Jewess. Esther (who was named Esther long before Madonna named herself Esther) is a proud-Jew, whereas I am much more of a self-loathing-Jew, and I admire her excessively for sticking true to the ol' Ramah ro-meh-mooooing type of spirit. Anyhoo. So Esther blogged about my blog in an entry called "Camper Gone Wild." It made me happy and I wanted to share. Plus, she called me a diva. Teehee, teehee.

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