Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I drew a map of Canada ... O Canada

Alas, it will not be easy-as-Canadian-goose-pie to move to Candadia.

Heck, a year-long wait sounds better than four years of hell.

For the record, on top of everything else about which I'm enraged, I am BUMMED that Florida passed the no-abortion-without-parental-consent bill. Because that means more terrified teenagers and that means more pre-Roe-v-Wade desperate measures like hangers and knitting needles.

Speaking of which, if Roe v. Wade gets overturned over the next four years, this ride is going to get even worse than it already is.

New America forever!


Anonymous said...

So I wandered over to your blog from Something Positive, and I have to say...from what I've read, you're pretty cool! Not to mention beautiful. Fascinating interests, and did I mention you're pretty cute? I think I did. Oh well.

*sends anonymous cuddles and bookmarks your blog*

Agent Orange said...

Hey Bex, Where's Newfoundland on your Canada map. You left out one whole province. that's ten percent of the country, politically! Never mind, we're used to it by now. Keep on bloggin! Your stuff is great.

Panther-Love-Monkey said...

Great blog Bex! Sorry to be another guy talking about how beautiful you are but every time I see you on tv I just freeze. Stay gorgeous.

Lauren "gregz" said...

hey bex! i'm quite a fan of your constant witty remarks and banter on vh1, which basically sustains my existance.

keep being awesome.

~Lauren "gregz"