Monday, November 29, 2004

As a wannabe who's desperate for airtime ...

vh1comic, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

My brother Adam sent me to this website called "Something Positive", by R.K. Milholland. Today's comic is all about something very near and dear to me -- the vee's pop culture programming. This cartoon is funny because it's true, and the pain is a good kind of pain, like when you finally pull out a really loose tooth or when someone massages the knot out of your neck. As a promo producer, I'm happy that the two characters are watching the channel - ratings, woo! As a wannabe who's desperate for airtime, I'd like to say that although I am not even almost famous, I am still happy to be me. Like the more humanely proportioned Barbie-manque: happy to be me. albeit desperate for airtime. also desperate for some snuggles.


Anonymous said...

*slips an economy-sized bag of snuggles into her stocking for Christmas* :) I couldn't afford the really awesome snuggles that also clean your room while leaving a lemony-pine scent, but there's nothing wrong with Original Flavor! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say how cool it is that you can look at that comic and think, "ha! cool!" and not be weird about it because it seems that everyone has to be weird about things that could even remotely insult them. ((that was rambly, wasn't it? Oh, well.)) But, anyway. I also want to say that I enjoy your blogness. It's sparkly and cute and shit. And, also, my name is Bex as, look at us. We are Bex and we are cool. *a nod and a wink*
-Bex squared