Friday, November 19, 2004

Beth el Torito

So we've been working 4-evuh on the next phase of the Big in 04 campaign and we've had an awful lot of late-night mania around these parts. The other day, I was teaching Kelly the "There's always someone Jewish" song which features a verse that goes like this:
"Some Jews wear hats, and some Jews wear sombreros,
And some wear k’fiahs to keep out the sun.
Some Jews live on rice, and some live on potatoes,
Or waffles, falafels, or hamburger buns."

And Kelly said, "Jews don't wear sombreros; there aren't any Jews in Mexico."

And so we googled Mexican Jews and found at least four of them, including, apparently, my friend Ricky Powell, the photographer. So at least four Jews wear sombreros. Damn skippy.

Meanwhile, our editor, Keith, doesn't like Mexican food because he doesn't like it when his food is mushy. and Mexican food is often mushy and squooshed together.

So we've been taunting him by announcing that our celebratory wrap dinner is going to be Mexican food. Mexican Jewish food:
Gefilte fish burritos
Matzah nachos
Latke enchiladas
Black bean and matzah ball soup

Now that's what I'm rockin' about.

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