Monday, November 08, 2004

Pepsi what?

Pepsi Holiday Spice -- I say, I say: whuuut?

I saw a spot today for Pepsi Holiday Spice, which I can only imagine tastes much like a Captain Morgan and Coke. I went to see my friend Michael Cerveris and his band rock out at Tonic once, and a guy at the bar asked for a "Captain and Coke." I'd never heard anyone order a rum and coke like that and I was utterly impressed with pirate-tude.

Arrrrgh, mateys, we be drinkin' Pepsi Spice this whole holiday season, I say unto you. Arrrrgh.

Speaking of spots, i lurf that Canon is using "Let the River Run" in their current campaign. "Let the River Run" is the best song to sing at full volume if you should find yourself depressed. I encourage each and every one of you to commit.

Pepsi Holiday Spice. Puh-leaze. It's bad enough that drinking Diet Coke with Lime makes your brain go, "Hmmm, this tastes like a gin and tonic except it's not." The brain-addlement that's sure to ensue from drinking Pepsi Spice (PepSpice?) might just be the key to guarantee distraction from post-election despair.

Either that, or lots of sex. I'll take what I can get. Bring on the Diet Pepspice, hooray!

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