Monday, November 01, 2004

Holy Shit! I Know a REAL, LIVE PUNDIT

viva la stereogum!

Color me fancy! I was just reading my new Wired (geek HEAT!) and realized I know a real pundit! Not a pop culture pundit, but, like, someone quoted in an ad! An ad for BOSE! A critically acclaimed product for the sort of people who take their audio seriously! And a quote from a non-acredited source just won't do! And so they must turn to Scott from Stereogum! THAT IS SO FUCKING RAD!

"Most consumers don't take full advantage of the available technology," says Scott Lapatine, author of Stereogum, a popular digital music weblog featured in the New York Post and Billboard magazine. "Listening to music on the subway is great, but who listens to headphones in their home? Getting your digital device hooked up to a stereo with high-quality speakers is the next logical step," according to Lapatine.

BOOM CHAKA LAKA, YES! See, I am a huge Scott Lapatine fan. He is hella rad and meme-initiating. I met Scott through my friend Adam, although coincidentally, Scott is friends with Jed who lives with my friend Josh. Many roads lead to Scott, and one of them used to culiminate in the smokers' area outside our office building, back when we both worked there and smoked. Anyhoo. Scott's blog, Stereogum, is pretty fucking paradigmatic and thus, I hoist my whisky and hot apple cider in his direction: For I am in awe of Scott Lapatine, and I think he rocks. Long may ye introduce the world to Arcade Fire whilst tracking the movements of la Brit and K-fed. Viva la Scott.

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