Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Like A Really Off-Tempo Virgin

So, friends, the wonderful Otis Ball , of the Super Karaoke Fun TIme Band, informs me that his website is receiving an inordinate amount of traffic because my horrific rendition of "Like of Virgin" has been downloaded 400 times in the past week. Who's doing that, yo?

Here's some backstory:
Last Valentine's Day, our friend Kee (a loyal FMU listener) sent an email about this call-in Karaoke show on wFMU, wherein one could call in and sing a karaoke song LIVE on the radio. Now, I am not just a slut for attention, but I am also a karaoke dreamer and, as I was all alone last Valentine's Day because I thought I was dating this dude but apparently I was only really dating him in my head. Anyhoo, so it was a Saturday night and I was ostensibly working on my screenplay for my screenwriting class but really I was feeling sorry for myself that it was yet another February 14th and I was all by myself. And I emailed Otis and he said to call it at 9:15ish and then I'd be singin', live, on the radio. Ooooh! My first singing-on-the-radio! But, the weirdest thing happened -- when I started singing, the music dropped out. So I couldn't hear the band at all. So I was totally faking it. When I stopped singing, the band would come back over my phone, but as soon as I started making noise they dropped away again. So.

If you'd like to hear me mangle Madonna, rock this website and click on "Like a Virgin." It's probably not safe for work or for polite company.

Breaking news: Otis sent me a Direct Link of Bex Caterwauling badgoodoness to the song. Click at will, but don't say you haven't been warned.

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