Sunday, November 14, 2004

Ah, Friendster messages from strangers

I have the flu, fo' reals, and my right hip isn't working right (damn you, lyme disease!) and we just watched Saved, which mostly sucked, and I need to do laundry but I can't move and I feel like poo. That being said, please enjoy one of the creepiest messages I've ever received via Friendster:
it's my first try here ... i am [name withheld]..i am from Paris...i am a cute looking male.. I am in vaccations here for one month...and i met so many people in that city..but today it's really cold i stayed home...So here is my cell [phone number withheld -- note: it was a 917 number. do visiting Parisians have 917 prefixes?]... my english is not perfect, so just smile, and don't be to fast talking on the phone ... I really like your picture .... And i know you can be lovely surprizz if you're enought open minded to call me...
I love
- seduction
- discretion
- smiles
- women legs, and heels
- the condoms
- chocolate
- complicity
- no taboo
- my family and friends back home
-and me right now, writting to someone
that i don't know..and to be honest, i did a lots of sexy things in my life, but i never met anyone from internet.

For the record, {Name Withheld}, i, too, love the condoms.

I LOVE THE CONDOMS! They're my fave band, ever.

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