Thursday, November 11, 2004

Swampety Swamp Swamp

Hey --
I apologize for the lack of soul-bearing / snark-making posts. We are SWAMPED in work. Happy news, however -- we're shooting the awesome Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts this Saturday for an upcoming promo campaign for Big in 04. If you're like-aged to me, then you remember them from their awwwwwwesome Upright Citizens' Brigade series on Comedy Central (and by 'awesome,' i mean 'definitely the first season'). You may also recognize Matt from Old School and the Daily Show and a zillion other things, and Ian portrayed the legendary Sparky "Spirit Fingers" in Bring It On. Despite the fact that we're working on the weekend, it should be pretty fucking rad.

Now THAT's what I'm rocking about.

I was walking home and Tom Petty came up on the ol' ipod -- would it be completely horrifically in bad taste to release a parody of "Even The Losers" called "Even Fallujah" ???

Baby, Even Fallujah ... gets lucky sometimes.

It just scans oh-so-well, yo. And I mean 'lucky' in a purely ironical sense, of course.

Heh. "Ironical." Heh heh.

Now that's what i'm ROCKING about.

Here's my latest fun game: get into the elevator with your ipod earbuds firmly lodged in your eardrums, and nod your head rhymically like you're listening to the hardest Lil Jon piece of crunk -- but, really, you're listening to "Goodnight Saigon" by Billy Joel!

I find this activity to be endlessly entertaining.

And now, today was yet again a roughie-toughie. I must go tuck myself. Into bed.


Esther Kustanowitz said...

Ian and Matt. Oooh. Prizops to the UCBizop. Enjoy!

winnerofthesat said...

If they offer to let you look in their Bucket of Truth, don't do it.