Wednesday, November 24, 2004

the "Like a Virgin" mystery continues

So, Otis tells me that people continue to download my "Like A Virgin" wretched/retching-ness at astonishing rates. But no one knows from whence the hits come -- anyone know what's up? Did someone send out this link as part of their email list? Either as a "listen to this mangle" or else perhaps as a "wow, this girl, can really moan?"

It's true, I can moan. Like a fucking champ, yo. Just ask any of the dudes with whom I've been. Yeeks.

Anyhoo. I just had a lovely T-giving feast of Indian food (what??? not THOSE Indians? dang!) with my NY fambly of superfriends. I adore them so much. Awesome. We had a long talk about the disappearance of Mountain Time from our promos -- I personally think those states went red because they were fed up with being constantly confused about what time to watch tv. Because us blue staters in Hollywood and NY constantly make promos that ignore them, so they were like, "Fuck ya'll tv-makers, we hate being ignored and we hate being confused about tune-in times, so we're fucking voting for Bush just to smite you, so nyah nyah."

Oh, Mountain Time. How I want to save you.

I'm actually stoked for the T-giving this year -- my cuz Meredith and her hubby have a babee, so we're gathering at my aunt's house instead of at The Worst Restaurant In the World (tm) at which we've eaten faux T-giving for the past several years. Awesome. Even though it's only a segment of my extended fambly, my nuclear fambly will all be there (mom, dad, bex and adam) so that'll be nice.

So I'll be in the Dirty Jerz for a few days, and then back to the 'Point to feed the kitties because my roomie is in Amsterdam. OH YEAH (thus spake Kool-aid Man!) -- the hizzouse to mysizzelf. That means I can watch lots of CSI and L&O SVU, and, most importantly, I can run around in my skivvies. Anyone want to come over and indulge in Risky Business underwear-dancing avec moi? It's so fucking on, mofes.

Oh, and feel free to spend your Tofurkey day with VH1's "Awesomely Bad Thanksgiving" -- I'm in "Awesomely Badder Girls," on Thursday 11/25 at 3:30 EST, 2:30 central, 1:30 Mountain Time. I shot this puppy back in August, but I think it's a semi-rad show.

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