Monday, November 29, 2004

The Man Who Loved Michigan

michiganlover, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

All this cartooning bidness has made me nostalgia for the one cartoon I ever drew, painstakingly recreated here using photoshop. My mouse is a hand-me-down from my right-handed roomie, so KABLAM, I did this with my right hand. I know, I know -- time to quit the ol' day job, right?

I lied. As a kid I drew a cartoon wherein a chief of police sat at his desk in front of all these Wanted posters -- Frank Perdue and Colonel Sanders and Mrs. Paul. Because the chief of police was a CHICKEN! He even had a picture of his chicken-wife lovingly displayed on his desk. He was a CHICKEN!

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Cj said...

Slightly disturbing picture! I am so glad I live on the east side of the state. Right in the crotch of the thumb. (And if that isn't desturbing in the least...)