Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Once and for all, Ladies: Dr. Hager is ALREADY on the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee.

Perhaps you've received the email about President Bush's plan to select Dr. W. David Hager to the FDA's Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee. The email is scary; it's about how Hager's this total prolife Jesusfreak fundamentalist (true) who doesn't prescribe birthcontrol to unmarried women (true -- Time confirmed it) and who wants to revoke RU-486's prescription status. All of this SUCKS. But, ladies, please -- this email is OLD.

Dr. Hager was appointed to the committee in December 2002. In fact, he was just re-appointed this past June. He's ON THE FUCKING COMMITTEE already, people. Yes, it really fucking sucks. But sending on that email -- forwarding a petititon to the whitehouse asking Bush not to appoint Hager -- just makes us look stupid.

Check your facts, yo. I highly recommend snopes for all your urban-legend fact-checking needs.

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