Sunday, November 21, 2004

I missed it???? (interrobang)

Sweet Mary mother of Jesus, and Sweet Joseph, cuckolded-by-God-husband-to-Mary and father of Jesus -- apparently, National Make Out Day was Friday and I missed it? FUCKMYCOCK, I despair, I despair. And to think, I was out and about Thursday night apres-midnight and could've at least attempted to start it off right, but noooooo, and then Friday I came home and collapsed, without kissing anyone. Tarnation (instant breakfast). I'm receiving conflicting reports, but it was either last Friday (11/19) or the Friday before that (11/12).

Alas and alack, I missed nationally sanctioning making out.

I would like to propose a raindate for those of us who missed out on the fun -- let's just extend it to a whole week, shall we? Starting right here, right now -- I hereby declare this upcoming week to be National Make Out or At Least Cuddle week.

I mean, in the holiday spirit and all.

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