Monday, November 08, 2004

"And most of all I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you"

So I watched Dirty Dancing on Sunday, which is my most-fave guilty pleasure movie, the one I want to hate myself for adoring oh-so-much (i don't like it when i girl-out; i feel like it's a side of me that's better kept on the deep deep deep inside). But, i'm here to come clean: Dirty Dancing just might be my favorite movie.

Here's why:
Baby is an awkward-looking jewish girl who suffers from both a semitic nose and a lack of self-esteem pertaining to her sexyness and attractiveness. She's self-confident about her intelligence -- she's bound both for Mt. Holyoke and for glory, because she plans on joining the peace corp. And she totally idolizes her father, whom she believes to be the most righteous guy ever -- esepecially in contrast to her snotty sister and vapid mother. And she learns to unlock her hips and move her ass -- first, by crashing the staff kids' dirty dance party by carrying a watermelon, and then shocking the staff kids (and herself) by learning the intricate Mambo choreography to protect Penny and to save Johhny Castle. And, man! As Johnny teaches her how to dance, she gets sexier and sexier. She learns the art of seduction. She dresses skimpily. She realizes that she's awesome. And through it all, she stands up for that in what she believes, even when she must disappoint her beloved daddy.

Awkward Jewish girl learns to dance, figures out that she's sexy, falls in mutual love with the stunningly strong-armed and rugged man of her dreams (who can dance like a motherfucker!) and generally becomes a fantastically self-empowered paragon of excellence.

not to mention, she tells the guy that she's in love with him and then they dance, topless.

Oh, please. Could someone please sweep me into his arms and slow dance with me? And then can we lipsync Silvia and Mickey to each other?

And maybe we should go to a lake or a river. Because the best place to practice lifts is in the water.

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