Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Ack Ack Ack

It appears as if someone has inserted a long thin sword through my temples and into my brain because i have the worst headache ever aroo! Josh and I attempted to go to the Heeb party but it was jammed with jews and my migraine was stronger than the desire to mix and mingle. For reals, it was worse than the drink-line at the mtv x-mas party. Two people recognized me outside the bar and that made me happy, but then we went into 11 (i was actually, albeit briefly, at 11's opening night party, and we declared way back then that it sucked) and it was wall-to-wall Heebs. after attempting to penetrate their jew-cy depths, we were thwarted and retreated. Josh said he thought they were on to him -- after all, as he said, he did slap a picture of his messiah on the back of their magazine and call it a new religion (comparative religion major, GO!)-- but I think it was just too much for the two of us, seeing as we prefer shooting electronic deer to actual socialization with anyone other than ourselves.

We, did, however, have a long and thoughtful discussion on the uses of mind-altering substances (josh was having a caiparinha and i was sipping a mojito) and the intentions thereof ... we both fall into the Alternative-Reality-Allows-for-the-Silencing-of-the-Constant-Anxious-Interior-Monologue-Thus-One-May-Allow-Oneself-to-Relax-and-Not-Feel-Guilty-About-Having-Fun camp, as oppsed to the seeking-great-new-heights or the numb-out-the-world or the bored-with-life camps. anyway. I have all these Great New Thoughts about these topics, but, I kid you not, my brain is about to split open and hurl grey matter all over my keyboard and my HappyHappyHappy sunlamp and the einstein/quanta illustration hanging over my desk, so i have to go lie down and put cold things on my eyes and think about lovely things like baby pandas.

ouch ouch ouch aroo!

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Lindsay said...

The way you are describing your headache is exactly how my friend Fonz describes hers. She posts to my blog as "dashbored", I emailed your post to her.

By the way you are great at wrapping your words around your subject matter. I'll have to check back on your blog.