Saturday, November 13, 2004

I Heart Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts

The shoot today was long and somewhat tense but pretty damn awesome. Matt and Ian did this fantabulous improv (in character as news anchors Lance Bottoms and Stryker Carlise, respectively) that made me laugh so hard I cried all my mascara off. They're rad. Coming soon to a times square jumbotron near you, and coming sooner (With audio) to a vh1 near you.

That's what i'm rocking about, 4-evuh.

The bad news is that i am sick as a dog. This SUCKS. Suckety suckfest 3k.

Speaking of which, Kelly and I saw Andre 3000 in Mark Jacobs while we were taking a cab home. He was frozen in the doorway, watching something on a wall screen. He was completely still -- Kelly thought he was a Mme. Tussaud's dummy. A dapper dummy! He was oh-so-sharply-dressed. We were excited -- an a-list celeb spotting! Hoorah, hoorah.

And now will take to my bed with a box of tissues and some tylenol cold. Send unchicken soup my way!

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