Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A very House Christmas

It's so weird to see a Christmas show at the end of January! Complete with the slo-mo, soft focus gathering of tv show people that proves that even though these tv show people all lead disparate lives and endure hardships, they still love each other! Around a Christmas tree, no less! One of the greatest and most trite cliches of the holiday season that we almost don't even notice because it's so ingrained in our collective unconscious that we think: oh! it's Christmas! let's watch people appreciate each other in slow motion!

I'm just saying -- pretty sneaky, Fox, saving up the holiday House episode til you knew we were so starved for entertainment we would even consider watching "The Connor Chronicles" -- although, we saw through that scheme because PEE-YEW, it stinks, even starring River/Summer (she has a real nature name and a fake nature name!) from "Firefly" (which I watched in repeats on Universal HD; full disclosure: I am a Whedon latecomer and I've never even seen Buffy). And Lost doesn't even come back til Thursday! So you got us with your hoarded Christmas episode!

And I bet your ratings will kick ass.

Merry Belated Christmas, Fox. You got us good this time.

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