Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm shooting a music video and you ought to be in it.

Bloggy friends in the NYC area:

I am shooting a music video for my buddypal Mike Doughty next Sunday, January 20th.

We're shooting in Brooklyn. It's a daytime exterior shoot and we'll basically need you to hang out in a grand choir of people lip-syncing the chorus to one of Mike's new songs from his soon-to-be-released album. So we'll need you from the morningtime until it gets dark. It's the day before MLK day, so you probably don't even have to work on Monday. We're doing this guerilla-low-budget style, so, we can't pay you, but you do get to
a) be in an awesome music video with anti-war themes
b) hang out with me and mike all day long
c) tell all your friends that you're in a music video.

We're looking for all shapes, sizes, vibes, demographics and SAT scores.
Please also be pleasant to work with and not completely insane.

Interested? Gmail me a photo and a note why you're intrigued to starbex AT gmail DOT com.

Also: anyone want to crew up? I'm looking to fill a few crew spots as well.

Thanks, tigers!


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