Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Slightly Buzzed THURSDAY NIGHT

Yo people!
I'm rocking a show called "SLIGHTLY BUZZED" tomorrow night. It's at 8pm at Rififi. I'm slightly excited because apparently I get a theme song that I didn't have to write. I am also not sure what exactly I will be doing but it will probably be
A) about pop culture
B) pretty stupid
C) relatively funny
D) something you’d enjoy more if you were slightly buzzed.

That is not a multiple choice question, it is a pipe. This is not a pipe. (insert photo of pipe: here).

Details: "Slightly Buzzed is a variety show that invites its performers to do WHATEVER they want. Something new, something old, something out of their comfort zone, something experimental, something in their comfort zone, eat a sandwich ..."

Hosted by Jon Friedman (he produces the amazing "REJECTION SHOW") and Stuckey & Murray (they did that video about humping a unicorn that you liked so much)

Matt Goldich - (funny comic)
Roger Hailes - (also a very funny comic)
Elna Baker - (also a very, very funny comic)
Bex Schwartz - (I talk crap about famous people on television, occasionally. And in bars, most of the time)

332 E. 11th Street (between 1st and 2nd)

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