Monday, January 28, 2008

Wallace and Laura, Separated at Birth?

So I've been slogging through "Crowned," that mother-daughter pageant reality show on the CW that sort of sucks (but, I know, I'm still watching it because when I can't sleep at night it's either that or the food network) and every time I see the hideous, evil bitch mother Patty (she's the mother of the hideous, evil bitch, nasty, vile, immature, childish Laura-the-firecrotch), I'm struck by how much she's ruined her face with plastic surgery and the bo-bo-botox, and that she's really only transformed herself into the female version of Wallace. See?

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Bex said...

Eck. That's actually uncanny...let's hope it doesn't keep ME from sleeping tonight.

Bex (the other one)