Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm doing the "Ritalin Readings" On Monday, 2/4

(Here is a blurb I ganked from Lindsay's blog)

Ritalin Readings is THIS MONDAY

This Monday, February 4, at 8 pm at The Slipper Room! We have the venue for the entire night so there will be a MIXER afterwards! Produced by Jon Friedman and hosted by Lindsay Robertson and Gabe Delahaye. This month's lineup:

Sarah Schaefer
John Sellers
Bex Schwartz
Jane Borden
Jason Roeder
Jon Friedman

Ritalin Readings
Monday, February 4th
The Slipper Room
167 Orchard St (at Stanton)

More info:
The reading series for people with short attention spans returns February 4th to The Slipper Room.

Party with us after the show!

"A Ritalin Reading last month was pure performance... Jokes about sex figured prominently into the routines. Most were closer to stand-up comedy than fiction." - The New York Times

"...the show successfully accomplished its stated goal of providing bite-sized morsels of high-grade entertainment goodness for the short attention span set. That is to say, it was fun, not boring." -

"A program jam-packed with humorous anecdotes related by guest writers/comedians in under four minutes." - Flavorpill

"With each reader only speaking for 4 minutes, even those with attention span problems will be able to sit still for long enough. It's fast, funny and definitely not for the sleepy." - Gothamis

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