Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger Found Dead, Covered in Hot Fudge and Sprinkles

BEX: so heath ledger just died and i thought you should know.

JOSH: a lot of people seem to think i should know this.

BEX: because you don't work in a place where the entire building starts shouting "OMG HEATH LEDGER IS DEAD, WHAT DO WE TELL JAKE GYLLENHAAL." Because that is what is happening in my office.

JOSH: sounds fu

BEX: it truly is.

JOSH: which is 66% of fun

BEX: that is exactly correct, algorithmically speaking.

JOSH: like an ice cream sundae with no toppings.

BEX: shouting "HEATH LEDGER IS DEAD" is actually scientifically proven to be 66% fun. now, if we were shouting "HEATH LEDGER IS DEAD, COVERED IN SPRINKLES ..."

JOSH: 100% fun!

BEX: The remaining 44%. Or, wait. 34%. i'm sorry, heath ledger is dead, i can no longer do math.

JOSH: i wonder what it would take to spread the meme that he was covered in hot fudge and sprinkles at the time of his death

BEX: considering that EVERYONE IS GOOGLING Heath Ledger ... i could just post it right now.

JOSH: i'll buy you a snapple if one major media outlet picks it up

Despite the horribly insensitive nature of this post, I do actually have a heart and that heart feels very sad for Heath's friends and family and loved ones.
And, aren't they still doing reshoots on that Batman movie? Dang.

And also, don't these things happen in threes? Brad Renfro ... Heath Ledger ... I'm just saying, if you're an attractive young leading man, perhaps now is not the time to take flying lessons, if you're picking up what I'm putting down.

Come on, Major Media Outlets! Momma wants a Snapple!


Joe B. said...

Bex, I'm so happy this has livened up your day.

Shit, someone died. Have a little respect.


Mr. Word Player said...

here's a prediction- you won't sleep very well tonight...

Anonymous said...

I'm so fucking sick of absolutely everyone talking about this. Someone died. One fucking person! Get some perspective you wankers.

Anonymous said...

Oooo gee joe b. and mr. word player... sorry bex hurt oyur sensitive wee souls.

Look, look at me! I've got plenty of money, a lifestyle any poor working schlub would give an arm and a leg for, a job millions dream of but few achieve, critical acclaim but gee... I dunno... life's still not perfect so I'll just swallow these pills.

That low wage toiler drags him or herself out of bed every day and cleans pots or toilets or shoes to get by, and does their best for their kids, but why should I? I'm sensitive ya know... after all I played (rather badly) a gay guy! So there!

Screw my kid, not to mention my ex who'll have to tell her where daddy went. Never mind them! feel sorry for me, me, ME!!