Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Nintendo Rockapella Me, Amadeus

There's really nothing that I detest more than collegiate a capella groups. I hate their smug facial expressions, i hate the way the person who keeps time acts like he or she is more powerful than fucking Benedict the 16th, i hate the way they slap their chests and make nasal grunting sounds. oh, my body quivers with disgust at the memory of the a capella groups who used to invade public spaces and act like they were doing us a fucking favor by showering us with their renditions of 80s pop songs and "ironic" versions of boy band ditties. oh, oh, oh, how i hated it when they stormed into the library during finals to give everyone a "break" by singing in the lobby. how i wanted to fling heavy objects onto their percussively-hooting heads. and oh, oh, oh, oh, there was that day when the fucking girl a capella group (the group that wasn't as "good" as the better girl a capella group) came into the frosh dining hall to "enlighten" us all with their fucking lite FM rancidness. how i wanted to fling vast quantities of stale bagels at their mouth-breathing, breastbone-pounding, eye-booger-noise-making heads.

But, hey, check it on out -- this particular collegiate a capella group decided to perform Nintendo theme songs.While acting them out. Wait for the Ninja. And the Zelda bit towards the end. I'd still like to throw desks at these types of people, but the Nintendo shiznit is mildly amusing.

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Anonymous said...

That's freaking sweet! Thanks so much for linking it, my friends loved it...I think I watched it about 6 times before I finally stopped :)