Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Check Me On Out, I'm Being A Talking Head (not of the David Byrne variety)

bexAAbeachbodies, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

Hi ya'll -- just a quick note. I shot "All Access: Beach Bodies" today and here's what I looked like doing so. I also did pick-up v/o for that NOVA ScienceNow project I worked on a few months back; I'll link to that site as soon as it's online. In other news, I'm swampy mcswamp swamp with foot problems -- we did the mega IKEA run yesterday and bought so much stuff that I will spend the rest of my life with a hexkey. Josh says to become one with the hexkey, which means that I will turn into a bexkey. Ouch, that was just stoopid. Stoopid bexkey joke. ANYHOO. So I had blisters on my feet so I was walking funny to compensate for it so now I have perma-cramped calf muscles and I am scared I'm going to end up like three inches shorter and then I won't be nearly as Amazonian as everyone's come to know and heart. Sigh. Anyhoo. During today's shoot, I recited a poem I wrote when I was a kid about wedgies:
You gotta pick it out,
Squeeze it out,
Side to side!
You gotta get that wedgie
Out from inside!


Anonymous said...


J.M.M. O'Donnell said...

The concept of the Bexkey is a fabulous one. If one was available fpr purchase from, let's say, a pharmacy, supermarket, internet superstore, or street vendor I would surely sell my body for a nonimal fee simply to be able to afford one. One question though, does it come with all the cuteness and wonderful comic stylings of the actual Bex? Only time will tell me thinks.

fiddlerjones said...


I love you on VH1....you are just so cute! I have such a crush on you....and by the way I love quantam physics---be sure to read the two seminal texts: In Search for Schrodinger's Cats, and In Search for Schrodinger's Kittens...and of course check out the film What the Bleep do we Know?

Plantation said...

Been a while, girl. Jeezus, you look smashing!