Thursday, April 07, 2005

Ah, Bathsheba

Bathsheba falcon rock, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

I realize, friends, that I never blogged about my long-ago journey to Barbados. It was pure kickawesomeradness. My flight was delayed leaving JFK due to snow, so I wore my bathing suit under my clothes so I could go straight to the beach. My travelin' companion picked me up from the teensy tiny Barbados airport and took me straight to the ocean, where there were monstrous waves that immediately ripped my bikini from my body. Baptism, Barbados style!

We stayed on the East coast of the island, which is crazyass rocky. As you can see above, there are these rock formations that have been eroded from eons and eons of ocean action. I got all tripped out thinking about just how long those rocks have been there -- like, for all of humankind's presence on this globe, the bottom of that rock has always been eroded like that ... mindfuck! Cerebellumfornication!

We spent the weekend soaking up sun and rum ... lots and lots of rum. We ended up going to this tiny little rumhouse near where we were staying and performing Karaoke.

Songs I drunkenly murdered in a tiny Bajan rumhouse:
1) Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
2) Genie in a Bottle - Xtina
3) Hey, Big Spender - Peggy Lee
4) To Be With You - Mr. Big
5) a whole lotta other ones I no longer remember

We also ate fresh coconut and gallons of Bajan hot sauce. Fabuschmabu, yo.

Ew, this was totally one of those Dear Mr. Henshaw blog entries. So sorry. I just wanted to share the photo.

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