Thursday, April 14, 2005


Beaver Hat, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

Oh my stars. It's a BEAVER HAT. See, Josh is having a Canada-themed party called ROCK OOT (with or without your COCK OOT) and I told him that Canadians often wear beaver hats. So he ebay'ed a beaver hat and found this site. I mean. It's for real. It's a BEAVER HAT. But it's a BEAVER. hat. It even seems to have a clitoris. I mean, it's a BEAVER HAT. Phil says its sheer beauty is indication of a higher intelligence -- the fact that it's a beaver hat / beaver hat is proof that there is a god.

Oh my stars. Beaver hat. BEAVER HAT!


Extra Ordinary Boy said...

WOW, 13 beavers in one post. I haven't seen that many beavers in, well...never. I don't ever wanna see that many beavers, lol.

I think I might steal that ROCK OOT...for my end of summer party...perfection.

Jack said...

You don’t s’pose it comes with a matching muff?