Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Home Improvement is the New Going Out

So .. we're in! After a whirlwind adventure of not sleeping, purging as many material possessions as possible, and straining my hamstrings, we're officially in the new money pit. Ooops, I meant to say the new apt. My room is getting there -- Josh came over and installed the most AWESOMEST closet system EVER and built my Ikea furniture for me because he's the greatest friend ever. And we're working on turning our dysfunctional kitchen into a somewhat working kitchen. Someday. And our bathroom is turning out rad -- originally, I thought we were going with a jungle theme, but we're not actually theming it, we're building a Swiss Family Robinson bathroom. Like we're in the jungle and made a bathroom. For reals. I shit you not.

But speaking of the bathroom ... every time we use the bathroom, gallons of water flood down into the courier service that lives under the money pit. And apparently we have the worst landlord in the world. Although he did pull out the radiator in my room (now my bed's in the best feng shui location! and no more radiator-induced sinus crap!

Anyhoodles. I'm beat. Whooped. Exhausted. I shot All Access Awesomely Bad Celeb Baby Names yesterday -- Jamie Oliver (the naked chef) has a daughter named Poppy Honey -- and I renamed her "Hymen Vagina."


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