Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Live Blogging the Transit Strike, Part II

Strike watch! Strike watch! Such a great title! With a splashy graphic, reminiscent, perhaps, of Batman.

12:00 This is FUCKING CRAZY This strike could actually happen! This is mindboggling. This is like watching "Twister" except it's not a tornado and I'm not Bill Paxton, but it's that same level of energy. The energy of a tornado, not the energy of Bill Paxton, because he doesn't seem to have any energy, bless his limpid soul.

12:02 Will walking to work be like walking home during the blackout? Will we sing Christmas carols? Because I think widespread caroling would really boost spirits. And spirits! Spirits will boost spirits. Let us all carry flasks of whiskey. Like a human Saint Bernard, but for yourself.

12:05 I think it would be fun if everyone stuck his or her head out of her or her window and yelled, "Panic!" but in a slightly joking tone, a self-deprecatorily sheepish cry of mocking humor. And then we'll all laugh. But just for a brief second, because then we will be sad.

How long would this thing last, if this thing happens?

Now that I live within walking distance of my office, I am not even listening to the contingency plan. Smuggity Mc Smug! No, wait, I am paying attention - because this shiznit is going to be CRIZAZY!

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