Monday, September 26, 2005

I Loves Me Gay Penguins

As my constant blogpanions know, I did an image spot for Logo telling the heartwarming story of a man who comes to terms with his homosexuality when he's inspired by the loving antic of two friendly gay penguins. The spot itself was inspired by Ray and Silo, Central Park's main gay penguin pair. And, much to my incredible chagrin, Ray and Silo went splitskis just a few weeks ago. And yet a new day has come, for today we learn that Tango, their surrogate daughter, the penguin chick raised by Ray and Silo after the nice penguinkeepers swapped out the rock they were hatching with a real penguin egg, is a lesbiguin!

Thanks to the always up-on-gay-penguin-news Towleroad for the tip!

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