Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Statty McStatStat

Dig: the wonderful Milo taught me how to put a meter thang on this blog so I can Big Brother all of you. heh heh heh. Are you watching A2Z Nick and Jessica right now? I eat body lotion. Are you watching A2Z Pammy up next? i out myself as a jew. how can you go wrong? Tomorrow I'm interviewing Peter Cincotti for a "Sessions at AOL" thing. He is jazzy and smooooove. That's what the kids say, anyway. Smoooove.

If I were a tampon manufacturer, I'd be sure to put "Now, SNEEZEPROOF!" on the side of the box.

Today I learned that the giant squid has a ginormous, 4-foot-long penis that's capped with a cartilage-esque tip that the boy squid uses to rip holes into the female squid's arms for spermatophore-depositing purposes. Squid sex is totally rad, yo. Plus, "Architeuthis Dux" would be an awesome name for a band.

Sometimes the girl squid fights back and slices off some of the boy squid's arms.

But squids have oh-so-many arms.

Isn't reproduction funny?

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